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Age of Triumph Lesson Plans: Week 1[]

 FamilyLevel A Level B Level C
FaithPrologue Reading Schedule, Week 1The Life of Saint Patrick St. Brendan the Navigator, pp. 7-18The Voyage of Saint Brendan, Intro, ch. 1-2
BibleMatthew 1-3 (Introduction)Bible Reader Schedule, Week 1  
Copywork & DictationMemory Verse: Matthew 1:23Manuscript Copywork, Week 1Cursive Copywork, Week 1Dictation Exercise, Week 1
HistoryStory of the Middle Ages, ch. 1-4The Sword in the Tree, ch. 1-3Augustine Came to Kent, ch. 1-3The Shining Company, ch. 1-5
LiteratureRobert Frost IntroductionArthur and the Sword Norse Myths, Intro, Myths 1-3King Arthur, Book 1, ch. 1-2
GeographyA Book of Discovery, ch. XI   

Study Notes[]

Book of Centuries[]

Each time your children encounter important people, dates, and events in their reading, have those working in Levels B and C record them in their Book of Centuries.

Family Literature[]

Read the introduction to Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost. Ask your children to add Robert Frost to their Book of Centuries.

Family Narration[]

Ask each child, beginning with the youngest, to narrate the readings, each adding more to the narration. Write down important names, places, dates, and events, and allow your children to refer to them when narrating.

Level A Narration[]

Ask for one oral narration each day. Encourage your child to illustrate a scene from The Life of Saint Patrick after each reading. If you need to divide a picture book over more than one day, begin the day's reading by asking your child to narrate from the previous reading.

  • Listen to Dr. Chrissi Hart read The Life of Saint Patrick on her Ancient Faith Radio podcast series, Readings from Under the Grapevine.

Level B Narration[]

Ask your child to narrate orally from one reading daily. Encourage your child to illustrate a scene from the Norse myths. This week read the Introduction, The First Gods and Giants, and The Creation of the World. Print out blank maps of the Atlantic Ocean, the British Isles, and North America. As you read, ask your child to label the countries and bodies of water that relate to the story of St. Brendan.

Level C Narration[]

Assign a written narration on one chapter of The Story of the Middle Ages. Assign another narration describing how the boy Arthur became king. As with Level B, print out the appropriate blank maps and ask your child to follow the route of St. Brendan.

  • Optional Advanced Reading: The Brendan Voyage by Tim Severin


During your reading, locate countries, bodies of water, and travel routes of the pilgrim travelers.

This Age of Grace[]

The First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea[]

The first 19 chapters of The Story of the Middle Ages review the ancient history of Europe, topics covered in the previous history cycles, Age of Patriarchs and Age of Apostles. Spend these first few weeks covering the triumph of the early Church by reviewing the first four ecumenical councils and the people and events surrounding them. (Icon of St. Basil the Great)

  • Listen to Dn. Michael Hyatt offer an in-depth study of the councils in his podcast series The Ecumenical Councils on Ancient Faith Radio. (Recommended listening for children working in Level C.)

This week's focus is the First Ecumenical Council held in Nicaea in 325 AD. Ask your children to add this date and others that they come across in their reading to their Book of Centuries. Be sure to look up Nicaea on a map.

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